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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Llama Shearing Day - 2011

Wow, I did abandon post for a while, but it's been kinda busy here on the farm.  A week and half ago we went about getting all of the llamas sheared (well, all but one of them).  It was a long, busy day, but I think we did kind of enjoy ourselves.  Reagan was a real trooper.   He slept through most of it, and just kind of observed the rest.  The morning started off cool and crisp, but by afternoon it had gotten pretty hot.

We usually don't shear until sometime in May, but I really pushed to get it done in April this year, and I'm glad I did.  We've already had some 90 + degree days.  Along with the heat, we've had some pretty crazy storms roll through as well.  There have been winds around 40 mph, hail, and quite a few tornado watches (nothing that's actually come through here, luckily).  Last weekend we were out rehanging the barn doors, which is no small task, because the wind nearly took them away.  I also noticed yesterday that some of the high winds had damaged some metal roofing on both the barn and the shop.  I guess that's what we'll be doing this weekend.
Titty Baby has decided to move into our front porch - I caught her laying in one of the truck's shadow the other day.  And anytime I open the garage door, she tries to come in.

By the way, Happy Easter!

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