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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Writing your birth story

A few months ago I stumbled upon BOLD of Fort Worth's The Art of Birth web page.  They had asked people to submit their birth stories for an anthology that will be published and shown at their mixed media art project April 30th, so I decided to spend the afternoon putting into words my birth experience (or at least what I remembered of it) and submit it.  A few nights ago I received an email saying that they had chosen it to be published, and I have to say that I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to see the final product.
Mostly, I was happy to explain why we chose to have a home birth and how rewarding the experience was.  I hope that it will encourage others to consider their birthing options.
I had a lot of fun writing our birth story so I would like to encourage you to do the same.  I've created a page on my blog where I will be publishing them and hopefully you all will be reading them.  I have also posted our birth story that is to be published.
Please email me your birth story at vljessen01@gmail.com  There is no deadline and I am happy to continue posting them as long as I receive them.
Also, please check out BOLD of Fort Worth's page.  Their organization benefits the Tarrant County Birth Network.

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